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The Inspiration Behind "US"

The sculpture that is now known as "US" first started as a small 3 inch maquette made of clay. I carried it around in my box of dreams for over 5 years before first solidifying it in stone. Prior to this, it was just something that remained in my imagination. My initial inspiration was my desire to find a true bonding and exchange of energies with a partner that drove me to create the clay maquette. It was not until I first began carving it in stone that I realized it also went beyond that of two beings connecting and exchanging energies. On another level it meant the balance within ourselves, that inner peace and natural balance we strive to reach in ourselves. This balance must coexist as we bond and connect with others to have a successful relationship. The greater the balance the deeper the bonds that ground us spiritually.

As I was carving "US" in stone, the sculpture began to evolve from the original maquette I had started with all those years ago. I started using the difference between smooth and rough textures to signify the energy of the two forces within the sculpture. The taller figure is primarily smooth and the smaller being more texturized. As you view the sculpture, you can see the exchange of energies with each piece taking on properties of the other. This creates a synergy between the two pieces leading to a greater cosmic effect that reaches out towards the universe and invites balance.

Over time, "US" has revealed a different significance and meaning for everyone that has viewed the stone sculpture. This inspired me to want to share the beauty of the piece on a larger scale. I set out to enlarge "US" into a bronze sculpture to withstand the test of time for many years to come. I also wanted this to be able to be installed outdoors to be viewed in the very essence of nature and her beauty.

"US" has been described as a creation depicting our basic human relationship representing the symbiosis between two individuals and the respect, love and admiration for each other. It was this description that led me to another purpose for the sculpture. In 2015, the life size maquette was unveiled at a reception held by Bollinger Atelier foundry during the International Sculpture Center Symposium in Phoenix, Arizona. The sculpture was received with great praise and became an interactive piece with people standing in front of the maquette to photograph themselves, their relationships, in the meaning of the sculpture.

The simplistic shape of "US" is met with its underlying complexities and this creates the inner balance this sculpture was intended to express.

"US" is currently available. Gallery inquiries please send to

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