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About Scott

Sculpting provides a sense of freedom and creativity that calms and centers my soul. I find myself inspired by music, astronomy, landscapes, and many of the natural forms that we often do not realize are around us in our everyday lives.

When I start a new sculpture, I usually begin by sketching a design before then carving a clay maquette. At this point, I start visualizing the design emerging from different types and colors of stone. Once I decide which stone to use, I try connecting with each piece as I walk the yard or quarry. As the design progresses and emerges in the stone, I continually allow the stone to guide me throughout the process. The curves and lines in my sculptures create a complimentary blend of balance and contrast that produces a sense of movement, wholeness, and peacefulness.

In today's world of mass-produced items, I truly hope you allow yourself to connect and enjoy my sculptures and the individual beauty of each stone.


Scott Gentry is a stone and bronze sculptor currently based in the United States. At an early age, Scott discovered stone sculpting and soon traveled to Pietrasanta, Italy, to learn more about this ancient form of art. While in Italy, he was able to study in the same setting as many renowned sculptors had before him and experience La Dolce Vita. 


As he learned about the varieties of stone available and how each would carve differently from the next, a passion for the art quickly ensued and has since led to a lifelong passion for creating sculpture.  Scott's continuous search for knowledge has also taken him to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, and Ventura, California. It was in San Miguel de Allende, Scott discovered the process of bronze wax casting and expanded into creating bronze sculptures. He returns to Pietrasanta as often as possible to work in the studio and gain inspiration from the Italian countryside, the marble laden Apuan Alps and nearby Ligurian Sea.


Scott’s clientele has grown over the years to include celebrities in Los Angeles/Beverly Hills, California, as well as private collectors throughout the United States and Australia. He continues to create gorgeous works of art in stone and bronze and hopes to share his passion and creativity across the globe.

Scott's Curriculum Vitae

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