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Return to Pietrasanta: Making My Way

I depart the serene beauty of the villa this morning with an excitement that can only be explained like that of a small child on Christmas morning. That giddy feeling of rushing down to see what Santa brought. I cannot wait to get to the new studio space and settle in with all my tools.

As I make my way through the winding mountain roads and narrow streets and alleys, I find myself reflecting on my journey and the possibilities that will unfold with my time here in Italy. My drive takes me past several stone yards with solid blocks of stone larger than most of the cars on the road. Are these gorgeous creations destined to become counter tops for kitchens and bathrooms around the globe? Are some of these huge blocks destined for a greater purpose, an artistic endeavor that will lead them back to nature as a sculpture in a garden, public building or even private collection? If so, will the modification of man enhance the loveliness and further bring out the beauty of an already gorgeous creation? What energies will the stone absorb as it transitions? Will it be an infusion of love and passion that provides a constant reminder to those that arrive in its presence of a miraculous and boundless omnipresence?

Having arrived at Studio Pescarella, my studio for the next month, I find a silence in the air as I start exploring the grounds. The other sculptors have not arrived yet for the day to continue working on their dreams of creating amazing works of art. As I walk the empty, morning lit stone yard, I can feel the energy of each stone as if they were twinkling stars from a far off distant planet. I can see the shapes of each sculpture come into existence as the sun rises in the sky. What a beautiful site to see these stones, each in their own process of sculpture, come alive in their own way as I pass through the yard.

I await as the first artisans begin to trickle into the studio. Introducing ourselves over an espresso, we communicate and feel each other's aura as all true artists do in the unspoken language between two creators. Such positive energy in this group of people from all over the globe - Italy, Germany, France, USA, Netherlands, Japan, Switzerland. There is peace here that goes beyond religions and governments. I am honored to be working with such an amazing group of artists.

I am lead across the yard and introduced to my outdoor work space. There in front of me sits the empty space and work bench from where I will give life and energy to my new work. The birth of creating is all in front of me and so starts the journey for filling the space with the energy of the right stone...the stone that speaks out to me and gives me permission to work upon it's surface.

As I have always believed "everything, every being, everybody wants to be something special...even a stone!"

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