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About the Artist  │  Artist Statement  │  Curriculum Vitae

Scott Gentry_b&w photo.jpg

Sculpting provides a sense of freedom and creativity that calms and centers my soul. I find myself inspired by music, astronomy, landscapes, and many of the natural lines that we often do not realize are around us in our everyday lives.


I usually begin by sketching a design before then carving a clay maquette. At this point, I start visualizing the design emerging from different types and colors of stone. Once I decide which stone to use for a design, I try connecting with each piece as I walk the yard or quarry. As I began to sculpt, I allow the stone to speak to me as the design emerges. The curves and lines in my sculptures create a complimentary blend of balance and contrast that produces a sense of movement, wholeness and peacefulness.


In a fast-paced world of mass-produced items, I truly hope you connect and enjoy these one-of-a-kind sculptures and the individual beauty of each stone.

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