About the Artist  │  Artist Statement  │  Curriculum Vitae

My journey into the art world first began in a figurative clay sculpting class. I learned, quickly, that the strict elements of realism were too confining and soon discovered stone carving, which gave me a sense of freedom and creativity. I completely fell in love with this ancient art form. Today, stone sculpting allows me to combine my training using ancient handheld tools with modern power tools, rasps, and files to create form and beauty. While I am often inspired by forms found in nature, such as leaves, shells and the ocean, I am also influenced by astronomy, music, historical ruins and the beauty of many shapes in our daily lives.

My current body of work is a culmination of years of learning, experience and the many trials and errors that come with working with different types of stones. I usually begin each sculpture by sketching a design and then carving a maquette from clay. Continuing this process, I begin to visualize the design merging into a particular type of stone. It is at this point that I start to connect with the stone and begin carving, allowing the stone to speak to me as I work. The curves and lines in my sculpture create a complimentary blend of contrast and balance that produces a sense of movement, completeness and peacefulness.

In a world of mass-produced items, I truly hope that you connect and enjoy these one-of-a-kind sculptures and the individual beauty of each stone.​



- Scott Patterson Gentry