Since Antiquity the quarries of the area of Campan in the High Pyrenees in France have produced a variety of marbles, including Campan Vert. They were used extensively in the apartments in Versailles under the reign of Louis XIV for fireplaces, but also wall panels because of the beauty of the motifs in the stone.

Pair of 11x14in Framed Campan Vert Marble Artwork

SKU: SGSF2020-11a & 11b
    • Stone:  Campam Vert Marble (France)
    • Frame:  Wood (black)
    • Size:  11x14 inches
    • Glazing:  Glass
    • Weight:  SGSF2020-11a (3.15lbs) & SGSF2020-11b (3.04lbs)